The Shave 'Em to Save 'Em Program SE2SE

Southeast Ohio Fiberworks, a registered producer/retailer member of the Livestock Conservancy, proudly offers fleece and roving (eventually we'll have yarn available!) from Jacob sheep, one of the sheep breeds listed on the conservation priority list. The purpose of the Shave 'Em to Save 'Em program is to encourage farmers to raise these endangered breeds, harvest their wool, and make it available to crafters to use. 

As the market for specialty or varietal yarn and roving continues to grow, we hope that more farmers will take on these special breeds. If you'd like to try some Jacob, please head over to the product list.

If you'd like a well skirted raw fleece, please contact us with your needs and we'll get back to you to find the fleeces you need.

We look forward to helping you play a part in conserving these amazing sheep breeds, some of which have been around for centuries!