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Wool Yarn 100% Superwash BFL in DK Weight
Wool Yarn 100% Superwash BFL in DK Weight
Wool Yarn 100% Superwash BFL in DK Weight
Wool Yarn 100% Superwash BFL in DK Weight
Wool Yarn 100% Superwash BFL in DK Weight

Wool Yarn 100% Superwash BFL in DK Weight

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We have a super soft 4-ply DK/Worsted weight 100% Bluefaced Leicester yarn to dye for! Superwash for easy care, though I still recommend washing in cold water and letting it dry flat.

Discount for Local Pickup

If you live in the Athens, Ohio area or plan to visit,  please feel free to use the discount code LOCALPICKUP on your yarn order for $2.00 off each skein you order. The more you buy, the more you save because this saves us handling time and related expenses.

Note: Please be prepared to pick up your order within one week, about the time it would take us to ship it to most places. After one week, I will return the items to inventory and refund your purchase price.

Weight and Yardage

Sold by the skein: 100g / 245yards (mill defined)

Sold by the set: weight and yardage as described.

Ball Winding Service 

For a small fee, we will happily wind two of your skeins into center-pull cakes for immediate use (if you buy more than two skeins, please choose additional quantities of the service). 

If you are new to buying yarn as a hank/skein and are unsure of how to prepare it for use in your project, we strongly recommend that you ask us to wind the yarn into a cake to prevent frustration down the line.

If you prefer to figure it out on your own, the process is time-consuming but not complicated if you know what to do. Please check out this quick video on YouTube that illustrates how to do this when you do not have a ball winder of your own. Or, for a center-pull ball, check out this in-depth video.  

Care Instructions

Handwash gently all your wool items in only cold water with a mild wool wash, do not agitate or wring! Instead, roll the item in a towel and press to remove excess water, dry flat, block if necessary.

This process will prevent felting and, in the case of dyed yarns, your use of cold water will minimize or prevent any color bleed onto your other clothing items.

Handmade in Southeast Ohio by Owner Lisa Heinz of Southeast Ohio Fiberworks.

Southeast Ohio Fiberwoks is not responsible for customs fees on product shipped outside the United States.

Out of Stock?

If an item you want is out of stock, please contact us to find out if we can make more. Many items on this site are one-of-a-kind and would be impossible to duplicate.