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Masks - Yellow and Orange Geometric Triangle Stripes

Masks - Yellow and Orange Geometric Triangle Stripes

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The large bright yellow and orange stripes of this mask are built with triangles that give the pattern an angular ombre appearance. The stripes on these masks will vary, some will have more yellow, some more orange.

Because I haven't yet made a mask with this fabric, what you see pictured includes a ruler to give you an idea of the scale of the design. Our medium masks are cut 9-inches long by 6-inches wide, and the 9-inch ruler will help you visualize them.

Elastics or Ties?

two sets of masks with ties, black with head ties, white with ear ties
If you want ties instead of elastics, select "No" on elastics and the option for ties will appear. I've had great response for ear-ties instead of head ties, if you'd like a different option.