Skein Weights, Yarn Weights, and Yardage

Skein weight refers to the mass or scale-weight of a skein of yarn, usually measured in grams.

Yarn weightrefers to the diameter of the yarn itself and affects how much yarn you need to buy for a specific project, we use words or abbreviations, such as "Lace" or "DK". The Craft Yarn Council developed an industry standard for symbols easy to identify the weight of the yarn:

Yardage represents how many yards in that skein.


The Craft Yarn Council guides standardization of measurement for yarn so that we all know what we are talking about when we read a pattern that wants us to use a DK or "Light" weight yarn. Knowing that the pattern requires DK weight will tell us not only how much yarn to buy, but also that we need to use a certain size hook or needle to make something with it that won't mess up the pattern.

Of course, the way we hold our yarn and they way we crochet or knit has just as much effect on a pattern as the weight of the yarn. Always swatch!

You can go to this link at the Craft Yarn Council for a guide on how different yarns are categorized and why. Others have taken that information and calculated rough estimates of the number of yards that a skein in a specific weight will provide for your project.

How much yarn will I get with your skeins?

The international standard weight for an average skein of yarn is 100g (3.5oz), though that can vary for specialty yarns (think large skeins of art yarn, handspun, etc) and very fine yarns of luxury fibers. This is only a guide.

Generally speaking, the following info covers the 100g skein yarns I sell, variations will be described in the product information pages:

  • Fingering: 450yds
  • Sock: 300yds
  • DK: 250yds
  • Aran: 170yds
  • Chunky: 100yds