About Southeast Ohio Fiberworks

Mission Statement

"Southeast Ohio Fiberworks builds connections among fiber producers and fiber artists in and around Appalachia Ohio. We offer hand-dyed yarns on a variety of standard bases in addition to our own custom milled yarns."

Wool Sourcing

At Southeast Ohio Fiberworks, we aim to source the wool for most of our yarns from southeast Ohio and nearby Appalachian regions. As we work toward developing that supply chain, we will use wool grown in other areas of the country and turn to yarn suppliers that ethically source their wool primarily in the USA.

With society’s new focus on sustainability and ethical textile production practices, we hope to develop a line of small batch yarns to help meet this growing demand.

We ask that you keep an open mind as you consider our yarns and understand that the world is full of incredible fiber, ethically and sustainably raised and harvested, that will meet any of your yarn project needs.

Will we open a brick and mortar LYS?

With the global pandemic hitting the USA hard, we are unlikely to open an LYS anytime soon and will, instead, focus our efforts online.

If you are from Southeast Ohio and have interest in shopping at an LYS in or near Athens, please send a message to let us know what you’d like to buy so that we can record your interest.

No-Contact Pickup Option

We do have a local pickup option available, simply choose "Local Pickup" on checkout and "Local Pickup" for shipping. If you pickup your purchase, you can also choose the cash option to pay.

A little wool industry history

The global wool industry took a hit with the development of synthetic fibers more than 50 years ago. Unfortunately, the infrastructure that supplied wool yarns and other products no longer exists in most of North America. Mills were shuttered and continue to rust, while the few that have managed to restart are unable to keep up with demand.

Many farmers no longer focus on growing wool, and instead consider wool as a byproduct to meat and cheese production, often throwing it away instead of spending the time and money needed to manage flocks for wool and to sell it to a broker for barely enough to cover shearing costs.

Help us change that perspective through your purchase of yarn from Southeast Ohio Fiberworks. Your purchases enable us to develop and expand our market to help small mid-Appalachian farmers diversify their farm products.

Breed specific yarns

Breed specific yarn will serve certain types of knit, crochet, or woven projects with fiber appropriate to that project. For instance, the fine characteristics of merino, alpaca, and other exotics make it perfect for use in fine garments -- but it's not the best for socks, even with the addition of nylon.

Some breeds of sheep that are raised for food create a wool that is medium fine and work perfectly for outerwear, sweaters, and socks -- without the addition of nylon.

Coarser wool is perfect for weaving rugs or crocheting beautiful baskets. Southeast Ohio Fiberworks believes all wool has a use, we simply need to open our minds to its possibilities.

A note about superwash yarns
As we establish a solid supply of regional wools, Southeast Ohio Fiberworks will likely limit our supply of superwash yarns because of the environmental cost of producing those materials. We will also limit offerings with synthetic additions, such as nylon, in favor of wools that are better suited to the wear requirements of socks and hats.