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Collection: Wool and Wool Blend House Roving

House Roving

Here you'll find unique breed-specific wool or wool blend roving for your next spinning or felting project. All house roving originates on east coast and mid-west farms and are intentionally selected by our owner. We hope to source locally at least 80% of our house wool products from southeast Ohio farms by 2021.

Our rovings are generally one-of-a-kind wool products from small batch processing of a few fleeces at a time. The fleece is chosen for a specific purpose, in this case, roving suited for either spinning or felting.

Our fiber products consist of wool, exotics (such as mohair, angora, alpaca, etc.), and wool and exotic blends, natural and undyed or hand-dyed. Occasionally we'll add silk, bamboo, or nylon for structural purposes (i.e., silk or bamboo for drape).

Farmers Needed

We define "wool" in terms of any mammal fiber and includes sheep, goats, rabbits, alpaca, llama, dog, and more. Are you a fiber farmer? Contact us to talk about your animals' wool. And yes! Even those bred for meat often have nice usable fiber.

Are you considering raising animals for their wool? We can help advise you on best farm practices for the finest alpaca to coarser utilitarian wools.

Hint #1: mature weeds with a variety of stickers devalue a fiber product if they get into it. To get the most money for your fiber, make sure you maintain (i.e., regularly mow) your grazing fields to encourage strong perennial grass growth to prevent cockle burrs and stick-tights from marring an otherwise beautiful fleece.

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